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Regina eyeing Edmonton, Vancouver for possible housing solutions

Regina's municipal housing commission heard on Thursday about residential developments and policies in Vancouver and Edmonton, as it explores solutions for more affordable homes in the Saskatchewan capital.

The presentation from city workers included guidelines in designing new neighbourhoods in Edmonton, such as Griesbach and Rapperswill, and affordable housing and mixed-income projects including Simon Fraser University's Univercity and the Woodward's project.

"It was good to see different ways of funding and doing housing that is more affordable," Coun. Barbara Young said at the meeting at city hall.

According to Young, there needs to be a wider variation in the city to accommodate Regina's population as it grows swiftly.

"We really need to increase affordable housing and single-occupancy rental units," she said.

Yves Richard, manager of neighbourhood planning, said Edmonton and Vancouver were chosen for the case studies because they went through housing situations similar to what Regina is undergoing.

"Vancouver had a huge housing boom and Regina is following that ... while Edmonton is a winter city that just implemented new guidelines in the engineering aspects of building new neighbourhoods," Richard said.

Richard added that city staff will continue to monitor the different policies and developments in both cities as they look into potential initiatives to weigh in front of Mayor Michael Fougere and councillors in the future.

The availability of housing has long been a contentious issue in Regina, leading to Fougere organizing a summit on the matter last year.

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