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Mosaic donates $1 million to RCMP Heritage Centre

After years of financial woes, the RCMP Heritage Centre in Regina is moving forward with the help of a $1-million donation from The Mosaic Company.

The funding, which will be used over the next five years, was announced at an event at the centre Thursday.

"We will give Canadians the opportunity to learn more about the RCMP and its part in Canadian history," said Mosaic CEO and President Jim Prokopanko. "This gift will help the RCMP to keep the story of the RCMP by enhancing the experience of this tremendous Heritage Centre."

Mosaic will also match up to $280,000 in contributions made by the Friends of the RCMP Heritage Centre group. The matched amount is included in the $1-million donation.

RCMP Heritage Centre CEO Al Nicholson, said they're already starting to work on three projects with the help of the new funding.

The projects include a new electronic sign at the entrance way for announcements, a bilingual tour around the centre narrated with the voice of well-known Mountie Sam Steele and an improved Roughrider to Roughrider Regimental Dinner, which the centre hosts yearly.

The sign and the tour will be finished before the summer is over, Nicholson said.

He added that the flurry of activity is a good change after years of being in a financial deficit. However, donation will not be used to cushion the centre's deficit.

"We have wonderful plans for this gift ... that will help us expand our offerings and take the history of the RCMP to the next level," Nicholson said.

One of the new projects they're looking into is bringing in the RCMP's driving simulator to the Heritage Centre.

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