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Regina's Queen City Ex grub: Bacon, more bacon and not-quite-cronut burgers

There won’t be any cronut burgers at this year’s Queen City Ex (the pastry hybrid snack that became infamous in Toronto last year).

But that doesn’t mean you can’t still fill up on a host of decidedly unhealthy treats.

Here are some of the menu items you can look forward to at the 2014 fair in Regina.

Doughnut burger

Sunny Arar of the Top Notch food vendor says this patty topped with bacon and placed in between two maple doughnuts was a hit at the Calgary Stampede.

“In Calgary, we were doing probably 50, 60 dozen doughnuts a day,” said Arar. “I would say 75 per cent of our customers were buying doughnut burgers and nothing else.”

He added that the maple icing goes really well with the bacon.

“It’s pretty hefty, though,” he said.

You can try it for yourself at the fried veggies stand.

Porcupine corn dog

This new addition to the Queen City Ex lineup incorporates two of the most important food groups: Meat and potatoes.

Jason Au of the Tin Lizzy vendor invented the concoction, which places hashbrowns along the exterior of a corn dog.

“If you look at the actual shape of the… corndog with the fries on the outside,” he explained, “it actually looks like somewhat of a porcupine.”

Japanese hot dog

Move over, mustard and ketchup. There’s a new game in town.

You can now add wasabi and seaweed to your list of favourite hot dog toppings.

Au said the Japanese hot dog is a “chef-tailored” Vancouver import to the Queen City Ex.

“It’s actually a very good tasting hot dog,” he said. “You wouldn’t have thought something like that on a hot dog would be good, but money back guarantee.”

The product is available at the Phat Dawgs stand.

All about the bacon

Bacon-mania is in full swing.

“It's a very popular food right now," says Stan Frank, a local food vendor who co-owns a stand that’s all about the best part of the hog.

“(We’ve got) bacon cheeseburgers, the bacon foot-long, the bacon cheddar foot-long... and bacon-wrapped corndogs,” said Frank.

New this year is the Italian foot-long, which includes pork.

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