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Memorial Cup in Saskatoon creates buzz for fans

The Mastercard Memorial Cup trophy is in Saskatoon Wednesday and Thursday to get fans pumped up for the upcoming 2013 tournament and representatives from the Hockey Hall of Fame (HHOF) say the competition will be good for the city.

Miragh Bitove an archivist with the HHOF, said the trophy is one of the biggest prizes in hockey after the Stanley Cup adding to have the tournament in Saskatoon is sure to create a stir amongst fans.

“It’s one of Canada’s great trophies,” said Bitove. “The Memorial Cup represents such an integral part of junior hockey in Canada and everyone wants to win it, it’s the next step before the NHL.”

She continued, “I think having the trophy here will definitely create a little bit of buzz before the tournament … for a lot of players their junior careers are the height of their careers, some may or may not get drafted onto the NHL, so it’s a huge deal.”

The cup was on display as part of a traveling exhibition from the HHOF brought in for the Saskatchewan First Nations Winter Games, and co-chair of the tournament, Blades owner Jack Brodsky, said the Cup is an important part of hockey history.

"Our local host committee is excited to be able to share with Saskatoon's hockey fans, the Memorial Cup," said Brodsky in a release. "It is an important part of hockey history having been hoisted by many great players during their junior hockey careers.”

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