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Saskatchewan NDP aims to look forward

With a focus on rebuilding and looking towards the future, the Saskatchewan NDP convention takes place this weekend at TCU place.

"I think every convention has it's own flavour. Part of this convention is looking forward to the future," said acting Saskatchewan NDP Leader John Nilson. "Seeing all the young people that are involved...there’s quite an interesting amount of excitement over that.”

The convention will see a number of Saskatchewan NDP party members debat a variety of topics over the course of the weekend.

"We’re listening carefully to those issues which are important to Saskatchewan people," said Nilson. "There are a full number of areas where we’re going to have discussions, whether it’s economy, labour laws, or issues the party…we’re looking forward to hearing from the people."

"I think the important issue for Canadians right now is the accountability of the federal government and some of the policy choices that they have made which don't feel like they're very Canadian," Nilson added.

NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair addressed the convention Friday afternoon, using the theme of looking forward into the future to promote a push towards getting the NDP back into government in Saskatchewan.

“Today we have an extraordinarily effective new democratic opposition here in Saskatchewan,” said Mulcair. “In a few short years New Democrats will be back in government here in Saskatchewan.”

A few resolutions that are up for debate this weekend are as follows:

  • An NDP government will put in place a revised municipal revenue sharing program that realistically reflects the cost to rural communities of providing basic infrastructure.
  • The Saskatchewan NDP urges the Sask. Party Government to protect the valuable native prairie located within the Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration community.
  • The Saskatchewan NDP call on the provincial government to have a meaningful consultation with the film and digital media industry to find a refundable tax credit that is acceptable to the industry.
  • The Sask. NDP call on the Saskatchewan government to develop a long-term strategy for supporting and retaining teachers.
  • The Saskatchewan NDP request major improvements to children’s dental care programs, as is being proposed by members of the public and professionals in dentistry and oral health.

Please be advised that resolutions are subject to change during the course of the convention

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