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Creator of Luka Magnotta Facebook fan page apologizes

The creator of one of the largest Luka Rocco Magnotta Facebook fan sites says the alleged murderer told her to create the page “weeks prior” to when he was arrested in Berlin.

According to 21-year-old Destiney St. Denis from Saskatoon, she’s now passed the Facebook page administrator status to another person and says she feels she was “somewhat” manipulated by the now infamous Magnotta.

“I talked to him about it prior to what happened, he didn’t tell me anything about the murder, but he asked me if I could make a page about him,” said St. Denis who initially messaged Magnotta about videos he had posted online of himself suffocating kittens.

“The last message he sent me was on the fourth, right before he got caught,” she said.

When asked why she continued communication with Magnotta she explained, “I don’t know … he would always send me hearts in messages if I don’t reply to him.”

St. Denis said even though she is sorry for offending people with her Facebook page, when asked if she regrets it, she said, “I don’t know.”

And when asked further if she would forgive him for manipulating her she replied, “Yes." She answered "No comment" when asked if she would keep in touch with Magnotta.

Explaining why she was so interested in him, St. Denis answered, “It’s because of his looks and his personality, but I understand he is a psychopath.”

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