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Saskatoon's Slow Down Molasses is picking up speed

With invitations to perform at a number of music festivals in Europe, Saskatoon’s Slow Down Molasses is gaining traction overseas. And the band is looking to celebrate their recent success with a hometown party and the release of a brand new single, City Sublet.

Front man, Tyson McShane said their recent tour in the United Kingdom has a lot to do with the increase of attention.

“We got a really great response over there, “ said McShane. “Our music really resonates with the people over there.”

Slow Down Molasses has been making records since 2007. However, McShane attributes the band’s success to greater focus and commitment.

“It is really exciting and kind of bizarre. It’s entertaining being called a young new band. But it’s still really exciting. As soon as one thing happened, more things started to happen.”

It's a flexi release

Calgary based company Saved by Vinyl is looking to give the band a boost, and pressed a limited edition flexi of the single. A flexi is smaller and thinner than a standard record, and can be inserted into magazines for promos.

In addition to the flexi, the band has been invited to play three music festivals in Europe this year, one of which is the international Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg, Germany.

To hear their latest single, or check out more music by Slow Down Molasses, check them out at You will be able to join their release / tour kick-off party on September 1st at Amigos Cantina.

Skilled in the arts of keeping their fans wanting for more, the band released a remix album earlier this year. They also created this music video:

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