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Local podcast looks to highlight creative, innovative people in Saskatoon

Saskatoon is full of creative and innovative people — some are starting new businesses, while others are looking to make political statements; some are new to the city, while others have grown up here. No matter what they are doing, they are a group of people excited by Saskatoon's rapid growth.

And it's these kind of people Chris Enns is looking to speak with for his regular podcast, The YXE.

"The YXE a specific show or podcast devoted to Saskatoon related stuff," said Enns.

Enns is a web developer in Saskatoon who describes himself as "passionate about podcasting" and has been producing podcasts for quite some time. He said the idea for The YXE came to him through conversations with other people in the city.

So far there are 14 episodes of The YXE, with topics ranging from local social media campaigns to local radio programming. The podcast itself is part of his project, which could be best described as a local internet radio station. Listen to Enns describe what is all about here.

"I just actually really find it interesting to talk with folks about what they do and why they do it," said Enns.

Enns is always looking for new people to speak with, and accepts ideas from listeners on the podcast's website.

To find out more about Enns and his passion for podcasting and Saskatoon here.  To keep yourself updated on new episodes, follow The YXE on twitter.

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