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Saskatoon landmark church is first to be digitally preserved by global initiative

Saskatoon’s historical Third Avenue Church will be the first Canadian heritage site to be digitally preserved in the global project, is an online, not-for-profit, global initiative aiming to preserve 500 of the world’s significant heritage and cultural sites digitally with 3D, digital models over the next five years.

“I think this is a huge sign of support from an international community,” said Mark Turner, artistic director of Third Ave Centre.

The digital preservation of Third Avenue United Church was done by a laser scan courtesy of engineering firm Stantec. The specially engineered laser scan creates an exact 3D record of the building and it’s iconic architecture.

“This will have a huge impact to tourism as Saskatchewan continues to grow,” said Turner.

The church will be featured alongside other global landmarks such as the Sydney Opera House in Australia and Mount Rushmore.

“We will be alongside all these really incredible landmarks,” said Turner.

Turner said that first learned about the Third Avenue Church by reading about it on the Internet when it was experiencing financial in the summer.

“They were really blown away by the architecture of the building,” said Turner. “The architectural quality is rare in Western Canada.”

For Turner, and other supporters of the landmark church, this digital preservation is a win.

“It’s an incredible amount of support for the future of the building,” said Turner.

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