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Work Wanted: Saskatoon teen founder of a youth specific job search website

To get a job you need experience, but to get experience you need a job: a difficult paradox to navigate – especially as a youth.

Which is why Evelyn Morett, from Saskatoon, decided to tackle the issue and launched – a job search website geared specifically towards youth aged 15-25.

“In my senior year of high school I found it really quite difficult to find a job that was a good fit for me,” said Morett, 20. “I thought I couldn’t be the only one having troubles – turns out I wasn’t. So I decided to solve the problem myself.” launched just over a year ago, and since then has grown beyond Saskatoon’s boarders and now sits with more than 3000 job listings in Saskatchewan and Alberta.

“It is simple, clean and targeted towards someone 15 to 25 who is looking for that first job or that job that will fit their schedule,” said Morett. “For us, we’re just helping young people find a job that best suits them.”

“In my experience typical job sites give you so many options that you have to filter through…making it a tiring process if you don’t know what you are looking for exactly… really helps in terms of efficiency”

Understanding that applying for work can be a daunting task for youth, the site also offers a variety of resources, such as how-to advice for writing the perfect cover letter, hoping to empower young job seekers.

“I’ve heard some really good feedback so far from both youth using the site and employers – everyone seems to be really happy,” said Morett.

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