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TGIF: Saskatoon's round up for Jan.4 - 6

The holiday hub-bub is over, the first few work days of 2013 are done and the weekend has arrived. Money tapped out after the holidays and you need something to do that doesn't cost a cent? DANCE!

Not quite what you were thinking?

Then you can head over to the Cosmo Seniors Centre on Friday for Boohockey 2 — a night of fun, music and raising money for local rec hockey. $5 gets you in the door and you will be entertained with local musicians, including a rare Fjords reunion. There is also a promise of poutine from Amigos, and who doesn't love poutine?

Sunday you can head over to Lydia's Pub for a Haiku Death Match. Poetic justice will be served with epic battles in 17 syllables for just $5 at the door. The battles begin at 8 p.m. and go until the battle field is a mess of words and shattered poetic dreams.

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