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Ralph Goodale backs Justin Trudeau

Minutes before Liberal leadership candidate Justin Trudeau took to the podium at a campaign luncheon in Saskatoon Tuesday, Ralph Goodale – Saskatchewan’s only Liberal MP – announced his endorsement for Trudeau.

“What I have been impressed with is Justin’s work ethic .… He is absolutely rolling up his sleeves and going to work in every corner of the country,” said Goodale at the Liberal leadership event.

“More than anyone else, Justin gets people excited about Canada’s potential. He unleashes the hope, the ambition, the optimism necessary to lift Canadians above the grinding mediocrity that has dominated Stephen Harper’s years in power,” Goodale said.

Trudeau said Goodale has been a strong ambassador to the Liberal Party in Saskatchewan– a province currently dominated by Conservatives.

“I’m very proud of the strong role that Ralph has played in speaking up for Western farmers and for the agricultural community right across this country and we’re lucky to have him,” said Trudeau.

Inspiring speech

Kicking off the Saskatchewan leg of his campaign tour, Liberal leadership candidate Justin Trudeau spoke to a packed room Jan. 29 about his vision to get all Canadians engaged in the political health of our country

“This country requires that we draw together, that we understand that the solutions generated right across the country must not be used to as leverage to create envy and try to buy votes, but to create a shared prosperity across the country,” said Trudeau. “This land is to big, too empty and too dang cold too many months of the year for us to go at it alone."

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