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City of Saskatoon announces $5 million surplus from 2012

The City of Saskatoon announced yesterday, March 14, a $5 million surplus from 2012.

“The question is: What do we do with it?” said Mayor Don Atchison. “The money will do the most good when it is reinvested in our city.”

City administration has proposed dividing the surplus up and putting it towards road maintenance, bridge repairs and into savings to help with future spending as the city grows.

A plan that Atchison called “appropriate” and will endorse when it comes to city council for approval on Monday March 18.

“It may not answer all the wants and needs of everyone, but it’s certainly a stretch in the right direction,” said Atchison. “We’re going to make sure that we use (the surplus) in the most appropriate way and in a very conservative way…in a very safe manner for the citizens of Saskatoon to put them at the lowest possible risk of higher tax rates into the future.”

Atchison said the surplus comes from a number of municipal utilities and services, such as a $1.15 million surplus in 2012 reported by the Saskatoon Police Service, that “are finding smart and efficient ways to do business.”

Surplus spending at a glance:

  • $1.5 million into savings plus $1 million for unexpected capital spending such as bridge repairs
  • $1.5 million to roads
  • $730, 000 for snow removal
  • $340, 000 for future road growth

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