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Topless woman told by Saskatoon police to cover up

Two sunbathers at the sandbar near Spadina Crescent have had different interpretations of what constitutes public nudity.

On Wednesday afternoon, Saskatoon woman Jenelyn Santos Ong directed a tweet to city police, asking, “I'm at the sandbar right now, and a woman is topless. What is the law on this?”

As it turns out, according to a spokeswoman for the police department, that's actually a very good question.

“All of these are handled on a case-by-case basis,” said Kelsie Fraser.

“It is a little bit of a grey area.”

Police checked out the situation. But in the case of the woman identified in some media reports as Danielle Forget of Edmonton, who let her freedom flag fly that sunny day, Fraser said no charges have been laid.

“We were just able to talk to her. When we got there, the investigation would have looked at the people that were there, how many people were there, the number of children, things like that,” Fraser explained.

“We were able to convince the young woman to put her top back on.”

However, Santos Ong had expressed concern that her 13-year-old son might have gotten an eyeful of a couple of things he shouldn’t see.

“Police officers use discretion,” Fraser said.

“In this instance or incident, she put her top back on and the officer chose not to lay any charges. When we attend to a call like that, we look at all of those situational factors.”

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