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Thomas Mulcair confident NDP will gain ground in Saskatchewan

The New Democratic Party’s federal leadership says the party is ready to start taking back Saskatchewan.

With the NDP Caucus meeting wrapping up on Wednesday in Saskatoon, leader of the opposition, Thomas Mulcair said after two days in the province, he’s confident his party—which currently has no parliamentary seats in Saskatchewan—can gain some ground in the 2015 election.

“We held a meeting (Tuesday) night that was a small fundraiser and I walked into Amigos (restaurant)—and we had 350 NDP amigos showing up on a week night,” he said. “That shows that our brand is still strong here in our home province.”

Mulcair touched on the NDP’s strong showing in the 2011 election, saying the realignment of federal ridings in Saskatchewan, which created five purely urban ridings, will help the party gain more seats in 2015.

“As a result of the map that had been drawn here, we had a great deal of difficulty getting seats, even though we had more than 32 per cent of the vote in the last election,” Mulcair said speaking with reporters.

“We’re going to work very hard under the new map to make sure we get back to having seats here because it’s an important place, but it’s also an important region,” he said.

David McGrane, a political scientist from the University of Saskatchewan said holding the caucus meeting in Saskatoon was a good move, but said a lot could change between now and when Canadians go to the polls.

“I think what it does really, is it’s now completely impossible to say the NDP doesn’t care about Saskatchewan or ignores Saskatchewan,” he said.

“It sends a very clear message to people in Saskatchewan and Saskatoon that indeed the NDP thinks the province and the city are important.”

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