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Rosemary Nixon launches new novel at Saskatoon Public Library

After writing Kalila, a sad and beautiful book about an ill baby, Rosemary Nixon felt the need to explore the lighter side of love.

Nixon’s latest novel, Are You Ready to be Lucky?, was released at the end of August and the official launch took place Wednesday night at the Saskatoon Public Library, where she is serving as the writer in residence.

“It’s very funny and raunchy,” Nixon told Metro before the event. “It’s got people who have been divorced once, twice or three times, and they’re all trying to find love and be lucky.”

However, she said the story still manages to be layered and complex while retaining this humorous tone.

“People who read it say it’s got power and depth, but it’s also a delight to read,” she said.

The story centres on the protagonist Roslyn, who has different relationships floating in and out of her life, and is written from the perspective of all these various characters.

At first, Nixon said, she thought the different viewpoints would make for good short stories. But it all started to flow naturally into a cohesive piece.

“In any powerful writing, the form emulates the content,” she said. “The structure is a very emotional part of a book, almost like a character itself, so this is the form that I felt it had to be.”

Although Nixon lives in Calgary, she has travelled from Europe to Africa and is originally from Saskatchewan.

She said it’s thrilling to see the success of the new novel, all while holding an exciting position back in her home province.

“I’m ready to be lucky,” said Nixon.

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