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Q & A: GWAR stops in Saskatoon en route to world domination

The mythos around GWAR goes like this: An interstellar band of warriors were stranded in the Arctic millions of years ago and emerged with the goal of conquering the human race.

In reality, this satirical heavy metal band has been playing music that would make Black Sabbath blush. They will be performing at the Odeon Events Centre in Saskatoon on Oct. 7 as part of their fall tour.

Before the concert, Metro listened to the ravings of lead vocalist Oderus Urungus (Dave Brockie). He discusses GWAR’s new album, the passing of Flattus Maximus (Cory Smoot) and his quest to take on the NFL at the Super Bowl halftime show.

Q: How is the new album, "Battle Maximus", forwarding your mission of enslaving the human race?

Everyone knows we use music as a tool to lure human beings to a situation where they can be destroyed by GWAR. We do love playing music, we love playing heavy metal, and essentially it is a tool we use to trick the humans to think they are going to a big rock ‘n’ roll show.

We would have succeeded in destroying the human race many years ago except we refuse to use anything other than medieval weapons. We don’t advocate the use of guns or even tasers, for that matter.

"Battle Maximus" is, of course, our latest and greatest 13th studio album, so we’ve got a brand new show and a brand new cast of characters.

Q: Are there any new props you’ll be using on stage?

It’s pretty much the regular stuff you’d expect from a GWAR show. We can’t reinvent the wheel here. We tried to reinvent the wheel by making it triangular but it didn’t work very well.

So we’re sticking with the old ways, but what has changed is the cast of characters that have been lined up for us to destroy for your pleasure. Of course, you’ll have a variety of super-powered mutants, and then useless celebrities and maybe even a religious figure thrown in.

Our contempt for all forms of authority will be on display.

Q: What does the addition of the character Pustulus Maximus bring to the band’s attack?

Pustulus definitely brings a whole new obnoxious attitude to the band. He’s a vicious person and he’s not completely happy that he’s been marooned here on Earth.

He came here to help us record "Battle Maximus", and I’ve vandalized his spaceship so he cannot return to his home planet. Therefore he’s stuck touring with us.

Whereas Flattus was more of our gentle giant, Pustulus is just full of piss and vinegar and shows his contempt for the human race with his constant brutal metallic assault.

I think all the GWAR fans out there are going to be very happy with the choice that we’ve made as far as filling the insurmountable void that was left when Flattus returned to the cosmos to fulfill his glorious destiny, whatever that is.

Q: How is your quest to play the Super Bowl coming along?

I think the entire world could sign that petition and it wouldn’t make any difference. Maybe, just maybe, the NFL will listen to reason and get the message that people are sick to death with these prefab pop stars coming in. If any kind of music should be played at the halftime show, it should be punk and metal, that’s the sound the NFL should have.

Q: If given the chance, what would you submit the millions of viewers who watch the big game to?

GWAR is not so much interested in playing the halftime show as the game itself. In fact, I have gone ahead and thrown down the challenge. Basically what I’m saying is GWAR versus the entire NFL.

We will take on the entire NFL including the coaching staff and the cheerleaders. And I have no doubt that we will emerge victorious.

Q: On this tour, you’re running through a number of Canadian cities such as Winnipeg, Edmonton and Saskatoon. Is this territory familiar to GWAR?

Oh, certainly. We’ve been trundling back and forth across Canada for many years. The Canadian people are a savage race of drunken bloodthirsty maniacs, and their support of us is good evidence of this.

Q: Lastly, are there any words you want to say to your fallen comrade, Flattus?

Flattus, if you are listening – and I know you are smiling down upon us from the cosmos and from the world of metal land – we sacrifice in your name everyday and every night. We have tried our hardest to make you proud of us in our quest to make the most awesome metal records out there.

Note: The above interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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