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Posters for world religions conference ripped down on U of S campus

Not everyone on the University of Saskatchewan campus seems to be happy about an interfaith dialogue scheduled for tonight at the Health Science building.

Brian Muchmore, director of U of S Protective Services, said a report first came in on Oct. 29 that promotional posters for the event had been torn down.

“The content is sensitive,” said Muchmore, adding that at this time it is difficult to tell whether or not the suspect’s intent is discriminatory.

Later on in November, Muchmore said a young man was spotted on a security camera inside the Place Riel Student Centre who is believed to be responsible for removing the flyers.

Posters advertising the religion conference at U of S.

Posters advertising the religion conference at U of S.

He said an extra security presence would be present at the conference if necessary.

“We’ll definitely make sure… that the individuals don’t have the opportunity to disrupt their function,” said Muchmore.

President of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Students' Association, Noman Hassan, said the purpose of his organization’s symposium is to create an inclusive and educational environment.

“Our whole purpose on campus is to raise awareness about more interfaith tolerance and acceptance,” said Hassan. “That’s what we stand for as a student body.”

Scholars and representatives from major religions such as Islam, Hinduism and Christianity will discuss the theme, “To Pray or not to Pray,” which relates to a recent complaint of a prayer being said at a City of Saskatoon volunteer meeting.

“The idea is it’s a local issue we want to address,” said Hassan.

Several hundred people are expected to attend.

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