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Truckload of dead coyotes shocks Saskatoon woman at Tim Hortons drive-thru

Warning: Graphic image posted at the end of this story.

A Saskatoon woman out grabbing a coffee last Sunday was confronted with a grisly sight.

Tiffiny Koback was sitting with her husband in the drive-thru lineup of the Tim Hortons on 22 Street West near Circle Drive. They were stuck behind a GMC Sierra pickup truck loaded to the brink with uncovered coyote carcasses.

“It was shocking,” said Koback, who is the shelter director for the Saskatoon SPCA.

“By the time we ordered our coffee, I couldn’t talk –- I was in tears.”

She took out her phone to snap a picture and shared the image on Facebook. In the post she said she was able to count more than 20 dead coyotes.

Numerous Facebook users responded to express their outrage.

“What a civilized world we live in,” wrote Leah Reynolds. “Beyond disturbing.”

After the incident, Koback said she looked up the rules in Saskatchewan around coyote hunting and was surprised to find there are no official limitations.

“I can’t imagine having a car with a few kids in the vehicle and having to wait in line staring at that for 10 minutes,” said Koback.

While she said she understands that many farmers with livestock consider the wild canines pests, she couldn’t believe the brazenness of the truck driver.

“He’s driving around Saskatoon with a truck box full of dead animals, so obviously he’s not concerned about who sees it,” she said, adding that there should be guidelines in place to prevent this kind of public indecency.

Rich Hildebrand, a conservation officer with the Ministry of Environment in Saskatchewan, confirmed there is an open season on coyotes in the southern part of the province and they are treated as nuisance animals.

In this situation, he said, it is possible that a licensed fur trapper was operating the vehicle.

“There are no regulations as far as displaying,” said Hildebrand. “It probably wouldn’t hurt for that person to use a tarp, but there is nothing governing that.”

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