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Map: More Saskatoon history coming to a smartphone near you

Residents in Saskatoon will soon have more information about one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods in the palm of their hand.

Through mid-August and September, the Nutana and Broadway Heritage QR code self-guided walking tour will be expanding even further to include more than 30 new points of historic importance and interest.

A partnership between a number of community groups including the Broadway Business Improvement District (BID), the Nutana Community Association and the City of Saskatoon, the additions in 2014 will bring the tour up to roughly 118 stops.

Project coordinator Marina Pshebylo said the tour provides residents a window to the past without a trip to the archives.

“It gives people the ability to — on their own — explore a bit of the heritage or history in their neighborhood,” said Pshebylo, who noted people have been utilizing the tour since its creation in 2012.

“I think it’s that engagement of actually getting out your phone and scanning the code that makes it kind of fun.”

Paired with a physical map, residents can either find specific points of interest or do the entire tour and Sarah Marchildon, the executive director of the Broadway BID explained demand for both has been growing.

“Another count we have is the physical paper map,” she said. “We printed it 10,000 times last year and we only have a couple hundred left in the office—so people are just eating them up.”

Later this year, the Broadway BID will be teaming up with École Victoria School to have students gather information for the tour and Marchildon hopes the process will enable students to learn more about their community.

Use the HistoryPin Map below to find out more about the Nutana and Broadway Heritage QR code self-guided walking tour alongside other points of interest in Saskatoon and Saskatchewan.

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