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Toronto private school launches a school in South Korea

With its stunning views, Jeju Island has long been a popular honeymoon locale for Korean newlyweds.

In the last decade, however, the Korean government decided the UNESCO World Heritage Site should be more than a post-nuptial pit stop. As part of a plan to make the island more competitive, they are making it a destination for students as well, by creating a Global Education City.

Twelve international schools will one day create a prestigious English immersion environment for Koreans - including Toronto's own Branksome Hall, the only Canadian school involved with the project.

English is big business in South Korea. Every year, 30,000 families send their children to the West for elementary or secondary school at a cost of US$60,000 per child, Korean officials estimate.

With the education city, the Korean government hopes to keep families together, while attracting students from other Asian countries, project manager Christopher Bogden said.

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