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Occupy Toronto resumes camp-out

Two months after they were evicted from St. James Park, a small faction of the Occupy Toronto movement have resumed their camp-out protest, this time parking tents near City Hall.

According to protesters, officials from nearby Osgoode Hall and the Ontario courthouse at 361 University Ave. issued them verbal notice to vacate the premises.

“We told them they're going to have to give us an eviction notice in writing,” said Occupy Toronto member Ian Smart.

The encampment was in solidarity with Stop The Cuts, a movement protesting Mayor Rob Ford's austerity measures, and was erected Tuesday night following the budget debate that prompted a heated clash between police and hundreds of protesters.

Speaking on television Wednesday afternoon, Mayor Rob Ford declared that protesters would be forced to leave, just as they were peacefully evicted from St. James Park after their 39-day encampment last fall.

But Bill Moore, with Infrastructure Ontario, confirmed Wednesday that protesters are on provincial, not city, land.

“We are continuing to monitor the situation and are currently reviewing options and next steps in responding to the demonstrators,” Moore said in an email to the Star.

Following the Tuesday night protest at City Hall, Toronto Police arrested four men.

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