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Coolest Thing in the House: Lair of strangeness

From regal-looking monkeys in smoking jackets to custom-made snow globes, everyone has hidden treasures buried in their homes. Each week, Toronto producer Guy Georgeson scours Toronto homes to find the coolest thing in the house.

Mysterion (probably not his real name) lives in a lair full of all things strange, unknown and bizarre. The second we step into his home, we are shown a portable mortician's cooling table, which was once used to cool dead bodies in the 1800s.

To add to the creepiness, he's got a petrified mermaid, haunted ventriloquist dummy, and even an Egyptian mummy finger of all things. But the coolest thing in Mysterion's house is his Tibetan monk's skull, which was converted into a vessel, used for 'offers and drinking human blood,' according to him.

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