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TTC driver gets passengers safely off bus after it catches fire

A TTC bus caught fire Wednesday night in Corktown, but the quick-thinking driver kept everyone safe.

The 65 Parliament bus was northbound at King St. E. when passengers noticed smoke, according to a TTC spokesperson. The driver radioed dispatchers and evacuated the bus.

A thick plume of black smoke rose out of the back right side of the bus, where the engine is. Sparks began to come out before flames erupted, rising well above the roof.

Four passengers were on the bus, including Mary Lou Geary, who stuck around with the driver waiting for the fire department to arrive.

“Everyone made it out safe,” she said. “The driver got everyone off fast,”

The TTC confirmed no one was injured.

The driver, who didn’t want his name to be used, said he didn’t know anything was wrong until a car pulled up alongside and told him about the smoke.

“I pulled over and opened up the front doors only,” he said. “I could see the smoke in the mirror, so I went on the intercom and told everyone to get off the bus.”

Only minutes after the passengers were safely off, flames erupted. Police and fire crews arrived shortly after.

“Wow! It’s normally just smoke,” the first police officer on the scene quipped.

Geary was thankful for the driver’s quick reaction. “I didn’t even smell anything until we were off the bus,” she said. “The driver did right. He did good. I commend the TTC.”

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