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Pizzeria offers free pizza to disappointed American voters who move to Canada

Immigration never tasted so good.

Toronto pizzeria proprietor Max Rimaldi says any American who actually follows through on their threat to move to Canada because they’re chosen candidate lost the election can have a have free pizza.

“Sure, why not,” he said. “I highly doubt that someone would actually do it though.”

Rimaldi, proprietor of Toronto's two Pizza Libretto restaurants,  figures a free pizza is the least he can do for his new neighbours, even if they don’t agree with him politically.

“I’m a big fan of Obama,” he said.

Rimaldi said Obama is the better candidate for the America middle class and has seen “scary” wealth disparity in his U.S. travels.

Twitter and other social media sites were full of jokes and apparently legitimate promises, from republicans and democrats alike, about moving to Canada if the election doesn't go their way.

“You know, Americans always use Canada as the punch line,” Rimaldi said.

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