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Salvation Army toys recovered from Brampton warehouse by police

A massive cache of goods stolen from the Salvation Army in a $2 million fraud have been recovered from a Brampton warehouse, according to a Toronto police source.

A police source told the Torstar News Service 146 “skids of property,” including baby strollers, cribs and infant toys were found on Friday after two weeks of investigation.

The total haul, the source said, is roughly equivalent to three tractor trailers full of goods.

“We’re doing an inventory on the items with the intention that they will be returned back to the Salvation Army,” the source said.

Last week, the 130-year-old charity fired David Rennie, executive director of its Toronto warehouse, after an internal audit revealed Sally Ann had been defrauded over a two-year period. No charges have been laid in the alleged theft.

The source said the investigation is ongoing. Police have said they have identified persons of interest, though it remains unclear how many were involved in the scheme.

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