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Nicholas Hoare’s famous Toronto book store is closing April 1

Independent bookseller Nicholas Hoare is closing his Toronto store April 1. It’s the third bookstore he’s closed. The other two in Montreal and Ottawa closed in March, 2012.

“This is it,” he said, in a short interview from Montreal. “Of course I’m sad but - at the same time – the store has been all very positive, for everyone.”

He says there’s nothing untoward about the closure of the shop — on Front St. — and that it’s simply beacause he’s slowing down and soon will turn 70.

“I’m at a crossroads,” he says. “I could have turned left or right … I decided on left.”

Carolyn Wood, executive director of the Association of Canadian publishers, was shocked and saddened to hear Nicholas Hoare’s doors were shutting for good.

“This is not good news … this is not good news, at all,” she says. “It’s my mother’s favourite store … it’s such a beautiful store.”

She said — compared to the large chains the “cultural fabric of Canada” was woven through the shelves of the shop.

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