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Cyclist petitions Rob Ford to bike for a day

One Toronto cyclist is trying to get Rob Ford to bike a mile in her shoes.

"Mayor Rob Ford has lots of opinions about cycling in Toronto but has he ever ridden our streets?" asks Candice Anderson.

The cyclist and blogger has started an online petition encouraging the mayor to give pedal power a try during Bike Month in June.

In the past, Ford has referred to cyclists as "a pain in the ass," and suggested it's their own fault if they're injured or killed. He also supported the recent removal of bicycle lanes on Jarvis Street.

Anderson — who has had a number of close calls with drivers while biking in the city — says her petition is about giving the mayor insight into life behind the handlebars.

"I’m hoping that 2013 is the year Ford embraces urban cycling. To help with this change of heart, I’m offering a chance for Ford to experience, first hand, the joys of urban cycling," she wrote on her blog.

At press time, 189 people had signed Anderson's petition. She's looking to get 1,000 signatures before forwarding it to the mayor's office.

You can sign the petition here, or learn more about the campaign on Twitter or Facebook.

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