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Mayor Rob Ford's former staffers email, telephone records ordered destroyed: sources

Emails and telephone records in Mayor Rob Ford’s office are in danger of disappearing, the Torstar News Service has learned.

The electronic records, which may reveal knowledge of discussions of the video scandal, were ordered destroyed earlier Wednesday. Sources say the people who were told to delete the records are balking at the order.

One source the Torstar spoke to was alarmed at the potential loss of “evidence of attempts” to locate and retrieve a video of Ford smoking crack cocaine and making homophobic and racial slurs.

The records in question were held on the City Hall server and belonged to departed staff members Mark Towhey, George Christopolous and Isaac Ransom. Towhey was fired for telling the Mayor to seek addiction help; the other two resigned Monday after their communications advice was ignored.

The Torstar is trying to reach officials in the Mayor’s office to comment.

Officials in the information technology department at the City of Toronto are required to maintain the computers and ensure that information — which is all subject to freedom of information requests — is preserved.

The Torstar established earlier this week that discussions were held within Mayor Ford’s office regarding the possible whereabouts of the video. Logistics director David Price asked Towhey “hypothetically” what should Price do if he knew the location of the video. Towhey’s response was to tell Price to go to police. Towhey ultimately contacted police, gave a statement, and Price did the same.

Toronto Police have only said they “are monitoring” the video situation.

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