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Toronto to get its very own cat café, Smitten Kitten

A couple of cat lovers are planning to open a cat café in Toronto.

Jennifer Morozowich, who works in marketing, is also an animal lover who fosters cats. She and a business partner are planning to open a cat café called Smitten Kitten, likely in the Bloor and Christie area.

It’s in the early planning stages—she’s working on brand development, searching for a location and plans to launch a crowdfunding campaign, she said. She’s “100 per cent sure” the idea will get off the ground, and help fulfill a dream, even though she won’t leave her day job.

“I just want to sit in a room and pet cats all day,” she said.

The cat café trend comes from Japan. Customers pay for time in the café so they can spend it with cats.

In Toronto, there are some food safety regulations she’ll have to work around.

Morozowich said that she plans to offer unlimited free coffee and packaged pastries in a separate room, but customers will be able to bring their food and drinks into the main area to enjoy while hanging out with the cats.

She’s had support from several animal rescue organizations and the cats will be fosters looking for a home, Morozowich said.

“It’s to get people to connect with the animals and then adopt them,” she said.

Morozowich said she believes that the Smitten Kitten Cafe will take off because cat lovers want a place to bond away from the stereotypes about “crazy cat ladies” and the like.

“There’s a huge community of cat lovers out there,” she said.

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