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Teen investor from Toronto finds stock market success

You wouldn’t expect a 17-year old to understand the ins and outs of stock markets. But that’s what Brandon Fleisher of Toronto knows best.

So much so that the Grade 12 student has, within a year, doubled his initial $50,000 investment portfolio. He also started a company about investment, providing analysis of different stocks and markets for free.

Fleisher's interest in the world of stock exchange started in Grade 8.

“In a math class we all had to pick a stock and grow the most out of it by the end of the year,” he said. “I did very well, then started playing virtual stock exchange games with fake money, and it really gave me the thrill.”

Fleisher got serious and put a lot of effort in understanding the world of stocks and investments. He would spend entire days combing through companies’ financial reports, studying balance sheets and assessing their profits and assets.

It took about two years of balancing school workload and his passion of running a virtual portfolio before he could get a chance to invest real money. Fascinated by his success and skills in stock markets, his parents – his mother a dentist mother and his father a businessman – gave him $50,000 to set up an account with a DIY agent.

“I worked really hard to gain the trust from my parents to invest the real money in my portfolio,” he said, explaining that he was making big profits in the fake money trade, where he invested in Netflix and Tesla.

He has since broadened his network of investors. His company, The Financial Bulls, is a platform providing financial tools for proper investment.

So what does he say is the secret to his sudden success? Find companies that are growing and profitable — and have patience to hold onto the same position for an extended period of time.

Helps if you are a whiz at it too.

“I really do like investing. I don’t really see it as a burden,” he said. “When I am doing investments, it’s not as if I need to take a break at any point at all.”

His investor idol is Peter Lynch, author of One Up On Wall Street, another of Fleisher’s sources of inspiration.

His advice to wanna-be investors? Don’t invest blindly. Know how to do your research before you invest.

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