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Joyride tracking device to help Toronto cyclists find stolen bikes

Bike thieves beware.

Toronto cyclists might not have to worry about losing their rides anymore thanks to a new bike tracking device being developed in the city.

Dubbed Joyride, the product tracks your bike’s location using open Wi-Fi signals. Users can then access that information through a smartphone app to see where their bike has been.

Vince Cifani, founder of Joyride, said his bike was stolen years ago when he was a university student.

“Bike theft is a huge problem in major cities, including Toronto,” he said. “A lot of my friends have had their bikes stolen and that’s how this idea came to me.”

Cifani believes giving cyclists the power to track their bikes will also give them peace of mind.

The Joyride device doesn’t need constant access to Wi-Fi – it’s always looking, but it only needs a moment to connect to send data to the user.

Although Joyride is still in development, Cifani says cyclists in Toronto will be the first to get their hands on the product.

“This is our home,” he says. “I know that the cyclists here are passionate about their bikes.”

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