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Toronto's Kensington Market featured in new adult colouring book

If you’ve ever wandered through Kensington Market and felt like changing the iconic neighbourhood’s colour scheme, now you can.

A new adult colouring book focused on the Market and its history is launching this week courtesy of Toronto’s Keep 6 exhibits.

United Colours of Kensington Market features 16 different drawings depicting Kensington staples like the Kiever Synagogue and the No. 8 Fire Hall.

“There are colouring books that encompass the entire city, but the nice thing about this one is that it focuses on just one neighbourhood,” said Keep 6 director Rafi Ghanaghounian, who also curated the colouring book.

Ghanaghounian moved to Kensington two decades ago when he was a student at OCAD. He says he fell in love with the neighbourhood instantly, and he stayed there to raise a family.

“I love that my son grew up around all the different cultures,” he said. “You can walk down the street here and hear so many languages and there’s shops that carry things from the Caribbean to the Middle East.”

The book is part of the growing trend of adult colouring books, aimed at adults looking for a novel way to unwind.

“Drawing slows people down in a certain way. You’re slowing down time and making a mark on paper,” Ghanaghounian said.

Ghanaghounian said the last quarter of the book is left blank, to encourage people to draw their own  designs or jot down words or poetry that comes to mind when thinking of Kensington Market.

He’s already received inquiries from other neighbourhoods and said a Beaches colouring book is in the works.

United Colours of Kensington Market can be pre-ordered online at, or purchased at Keep 6’s location at 156 Augusta Ave.  

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