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Toronto video game fighting racial stereotypes — one encounter at a time

First-person game aims to show 'what it’s like to live as a black person.'

A screenshot from Jordan Sparks' An/Other.


A screenshot from Jordan Sparks' An/Other.

The Toronto Comic Arts Festival won’t all be fun and games this weekend. 

Ryerson graduate Jordan Sparks is using the Comics vs. Games exhibit to showcase how subtle forms of racism can affect minorities.

He's doing it through a web game called An/Other. The game lets players traverse a fictional city where they experience issues like carding, apprehensive stares and suspicion from store owners.

The project was born from Sparks' personal experiences of people looking at him "differently."

“I wanted to show people what it’s like to live as a black person from the inside looking out," he said, noting the the game is "a glimpse into how mundane and everyday tasks are made more complicated for minorities.”

The comic arts festival runs May 14-15 at the Toronto Reference Library. You can get all the details here

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