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OPG will decommission Lambton coal-fired generating station near Sarnia

TORONTO — Ontario Power Generation is planning to decommission the Lambton Generating Station near Sarnia next year.

The Lambton station hasn't generated any electricity since 2013 when it was shut down as part of the province's plan to stop burning coal to generate power.

However, there are still about two dozen workers at the facility, who have been helping preserve the buildings and the property, and OPG says they will be treated fairly according to the terms of their union contract.

OPG says continuing to preserve Lambton beyond this year for future conversion to another source of electricity is no longer economically feasible, so it will decommission the site and remove the buildings.

The government couldn't find any buyers who would agree to convert Ontario's five coal-fired generating stations to burn natural gas.

Two of the coal-fired plants in the Thunder Bay area were converted to burn bio-mass — pellets made from forest products — to generate electricity.

OPG's coal-fired station in Nanticoke was decommisioned last year, and the Lakeview generating station in Mississauga was torn down in 2006.

OPG will continue to own the Lambton site, and says options for repurposing it will be reviewed over the long term.



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