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TTC unveils new colour scheme for buses to match new streetcars

The new paint job will only be for new buses or those that need it as part of a refit.

New paint jobs for the TTC's bus fleet, released on Twitter Wednesday.


New paint jobs for the TTC's bus fleet, released on Twitter Wednesday.

The TTC unveiled a new colour scheme for their buses Wednesday afternoon—and Torontonians are already chipping in their two cents.

TTC spokesperson Brad Ross tweeted out a photo of the new paint jobs, noting their similarity to those on the TTC’s newest streetcar models.

In roughly four hours, Ross’s tweet had been shared hundreds of times—and dozens of users took to the comment section to ask about the new paint job. Chief among their questions: will it cost more?

According to Ross, the answer is no. The new look will grace only new buses or those already required as part of a refit. Ross assured more than one protesting commenter that, because of this, the new paint jobs won’t cost the TTC any extra money.

Another (tongue-in-cheek) question: Did the TTC ever consider painting their new buses dark grey, as the Toronto Police Service did with their new line of scout cars?

The majority of commenters were fairly enthusiastic about the new paint jobs, although several critiqued the bright paint, or wondered at the condition of the bus’s interior.

Replacing the TTC’s entire fleet of buses could take several years, Ross later added. But two are to be put into service “in a few days.”

“Don’t know where yet. Will advise,” he told commenters on Twitter.

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