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Metro Toronto wins Torontoist's Front Page Challenge

The popular blog has given Metro's front pages the seal of approval.

Metro Toronto has won Torontoist's first annual Front Page Challenge.

Brett Lamb/Torontoist

Metro Toronto has won Torontoist's first annual Front Page Challenge.

Metro Toronto’s front pages have been deemed the best in the city by Torontoist.

Metro beat out the Globe and Mail, National Post, Toronto Star and Toronto Sun to win the popular blog’s first annual Front Page Challenge.

“Metro’s attempts to effect change and be a spokespaper for urban concerns is an admirable use of the real estate of the front page,” said Jesse Hawken, the local writer and media critic who pens the weekly round-up of front pages.

The column – which oscillates between sarcasm and sincerity – began in late 2015. Every Tuesday, Hawken compares the front pages of the five largest papers and picks a winner.

This year, they kept a running tally and gave an award to the paper whose fronts came out on top most often.

“I judge based on a combination of things,” Hawken said. “Sometimes it’s aesthetics and design. When something momentous happens, like the death of Rob Ford, it’s about which front page would best belong in a scrapbook.”

Hawken applauded Metro for taking a different approach to the news than the other papers. On Tuesday, for example, he noted Metro Toronto was the only paper to run a different photo of the assassination of a Russian ambassador in Turkey.

Rather than “romanticize” the shooter, Metro’s photo choice foregrounded the victim, Hawken said.

“It reminded everyone there’s a dead person who should be the centre of attention. I thought it was admirable,” he said.

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