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Toronto psychic predicts baby for Drake, return of Doug Ford in 2017

Local psychic Nikki claims to have correctly predicted 9/11 and Michael Jackson's death. Here are her predictions for 2017.

A new baby could be in store for Drake in 2017, claims Toronto's Psychic Nikki.

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A new baby could be in store for Drake in 2017, claims Toronto's Psychic Nikki.

A new TTC boss, a streaker at city hall, a baby for Drake and a playoff berth for the Toronto Maple Leafs might all be on their way in 2017.

That’s if you believe Psychic Nikki, a Toronto-based audient clairvoyant (that’s someone who can hear and see specifics about the future). Ahead of the new year, she shared her 2017 predictions on everything from local politics to Toronto’s biggest stars with Metro.

She warned city hall should be careful because she foresees a leak or flooding, an emergency curfew closing down city roads and a resignation or dismissal of TTC CEO Andy Byford. Former councillor Doug Ford, long rumoured to be returning to politics, will announce he’s running in another election, she predicted.

“He could run for mayor in the future,” Nikki mused.

In previous years, Nikki’s been spot on the money. She rightly predicted Doug’s late brother Rob Ford would become ill, John Tory would be elected mayor and that there would be a rash of food-related illnesses at the CNE.

Internationally, she foresaw the 9/11 terror attacks, Michael Jackson’s death and one of the Duchess of Cambridge’s pregnancies.

As for Toronto stars in 2017, she believes Drake might enter a committed relationship, buy a sports team and star in a big film. Plus, he might become Daddy Drake.

When it comes to the star’s favourite basketball team, Nikki predicted a potential change in the Raptor’s management, a few injuries for players (nothing serious enough to derail the team) and a good chance at making it to the playoffs.

The Leafs, meanwhile, will finally break their playoff drought, Nikki said.

“I always see a parade and I always see the Stanley Cup for them,” she said, laughing.

But don’t get too excited, she warned.

“The time frame can be out sometimes for psychics.”

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