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#MetroArtsChallenge: All signs point to 'yes'

This week, we challenged you to create new slogans for Toronto.

We challenged you to come up with a slogan for your city.

What should appear under the words “Welcome to Toronto” on the first sign newcomers and visitors see when they arrive?


Welcome to Toronto: The city to-run-to
-Krishna Kanth Gadamsetty

Welcome to Toronto: We’re exactly like New York - except cleaner, more accepting, and cheaper!
Sameer Bandeal

Welcome to Toronto: City of Road Toll$ and Pot Hole$
Linda Skarott

Honourable mentions:
Welcome to Toronto, where you can call people living here Torontonians or Toronteans  or Torontans or Torontoans or Torontites or Torontese, but whatever it is, the meaning is the same: FRIENDLY.
- Alfredo Barron

Welcome to Toronto, easily anyone‘s 6th stop ... on the way to 7th-heaven
-Wil Gouzelis

Welcome to Toronto: Welcome to squirreltown
Nicholas Power

Welcome to Toronto, home of Little (YOUR COUNTRY HERE) Town
-Tony Krolo

All your responses were great, but our winner John Davis really summed up everything this place is — plus, it would fit on a T-shirt.

For next week's #MetroArtsChallenge, we need you to create a Toronto-themed superhero to go with our new sign.

The idea comes from reader Eliza Figiel:

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a great idea from one of our readers!

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a great idea from one of our readers!

“Make up a superhero for Toronto. What good would this character do for our city?”

Don't forget to give your hero a crest! Snap a photo or scan this page and send it with a short description of their superpowers to (make sure to include “arts challenge” in the subject line) or tweet with the hashtag #MetroArtsChallenge.

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