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New bike sharing service will debut later this summer

But Dropbike insists they're not the bike sharing version of Uber.

Dropbike will launch with dockless stations later this summer.


Dropbike will launch with dockless stations later this summer.

A brightly coloured rival to Bike Share Toronto says they come in peace.

“This is not the Uber approach,” Dropbike co-CEO Qiming Weng told Metro, distancing themselves from that company’s ask-for-forgiveness-not-permission approach.
“We are absolutely dedicated to working with the city.”

Dropbike was spotted in the city earlier this week as the company tested its bikes downtown.

The funded startup plans to launch later this summer in a partnership with the University of Toronto Students Union.

Unlike Bike Share Toronto, Dropbike will not have large docks. This helps reduce costs, Weng explained, as in conventional bike-share setups “most of the cost comes from the dock itself.”

With the new service, bikes live in virtual “havens” in public spaces. Cyclists will find their ride via an app and scan its QR code to get the combination for the lock. Dropbike says the price will start at $1 per hour.

Compare that to $90 for an annual membership with Bike Share, which also requires riders to dock their bikes every 30 minutes.

Failure to do so kicks in additional fees. Bike Share also offers day passes for $7. 

Bike Share Toronto is owned by the city’s Parking Authority, and the company currently has 2,000 bikes at 200 stations. Most are in the downtown core, with stations as far east as the Danforth and as far west as Dundas W.

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