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Toronto considers hockey video streaming

You may soon be able to re-live your worst rec league moments over and over.

House league games, like one shown in this file photo could soon be live-streamed.


House league games, like one shown in this file photo could soon be live-streamed.

Like Netflix, but for house league hockey.

That's the idea behind a new proposal the city of Toronto will consider from a private company called GameOnStream that would see on-demand streaming video available from 16 city-owned hockey arenas.

The service, which already exists at several private hockey arenas throughout the city, would involve a few video cameras at arenas so that people can follow the action remotely. Viewers can choose between several angles on multiple devices and look at old video, which means you can re-live your glorious triple deke or a coach can go over a flawed breakout attempt.

The video services, if approved by council, could be available for anything from house league to Greater Toronto Hockey League to figure skating or beer league games. The proposal goes to the city's government management committee on Sept. 25.

"The proposal provides an opportunity for family and friends of players to watch games remotely, for players to watch their own games and to provide coaching content," emailed Matthew Cutler, a spokesperson for Toronto's parks and rec department.

GameOnStream would pay the City for the right to make the games available. The company, which was selected as the best bid in a competitive process, would pay at least $108,000 annually over the first five years of the contract. There would be an option for five more years at more money after 2022.

GameOnStream would make up the money by selling access to the content.

All participants in a given game or event would need to sign waivers to be filmed. Otherwise the video would not be made available.

Not all games would be available to all people. Viewers would be limited to particular leagues or events that they pay for.

Where to watch

The video service would be available at the following arenas, if approved:

· Amesbury
· Angela James
· Commander
· Don Mills Civitan
· Downsview
· East York Memorial
· Fenside
· Gord and Irene Risk
· Goulding
· Grandravine
· Habitant
· Carnegie Centennial
· Oriole
· Pleasantview
· Scarborough Gardens
· Victoria Village

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