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Raccoon causes rush-hour delay as 'unofficial animal of Toronto' boards TTC subway train

Commuters in Toronto were hit by delays on the TTC Friday morning due to a trespasser onboard the train — it was a raccoon.

A photo taken by Twitter user @DimitryGD shows a police officer standing next to a captured raccoon on a TTC platform.

@DimitryGD / Twitter

A photo taken by Twitter user @DimitryGD shows a police officer standing next to a captured raccoon on a TTC platform.

Toronto commuters had to deal with delays during rush-hour Friday morning due to an uninvited guest on the subway train.

It was a raccoon.

Commuter Dimitry Galamiyev was on the southbound train that was about to pull into Bloor station when the unexpected delay happened.

“It’s probably like the worst place it could have happened because of how busy it was,” said the Toronto-based digital product designer who was heading to work downtown.

It was around 9:30 a.m. when the conductor announced there was a raccoon on the tracks in front of the train.

While TTC riders are generally known to complain about delays, Galamiyev said the announcement made many chuckle instead.

The critter kept crawling up until it got into the station platform, where TTC workers were able to grab the animal. All in all, it took about 10 minutes for the train to move ahead, he said.

“Everyone was super chill about it. It was like a positive moment in disguise,” he said. “This is the unofficial animal of Toronto after all.”

TTC spokesperson Brad Ross later confirmed on Twitter that the four-legged explorer was "awaiting Animal Services in relative comfort and absolute safety in our offices at Bloor Station".

The Raccoon has since been taken to safety.

Toronto political figures were quick to salute the city employees who helped the raccoon eventually find its way. During a hectic Toronto City Council meeting on Friday morning, Coun. Janet Davis gave a special shout-out to TTC staff for the way they handled the situation.

Later Mayor John Tory also joined in the praise.

Last year, a Toronto raccoon made headlines when he joined commuters at Spadina subway station and boarded a train. It cannot be confirmed at this stage if this was the same raccoon.

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