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Go North, Yonge Man: What to see and do now that the subway stretches to Hwy.7

The pioneer village, Legoland, and enormous outlet malls are now in closer reach

Some members of the public got a  sneak peek of the three new subway stations along line 1 that opened Dec. 17.

Steve Russell / Torstar News Service

Some members of the public got a sneak peek of the three new subway stations along line 1 that opened Dec. 17.

If you ask downtowners, it might as well be a subway to Siberia. North York, Vaughan and the surrounding communities are about to become more accessible than ever before, thanks to the Yonge-University subway extension opening Sunday.

It's a game-changer for York students and commuters. But there’s more to this area than affordable housing and Canada’s Wonderland. So we reached out to locals on social media (particularly on bunz, which has many members from Vaughan) to hear their favourite haunts. Here’s the 411 on the 905.

Oh, and a fair warning before you read: Most of these places will require an additional bus, taxi or ride from the station. That's part of the suburban experience!

For shoppers

Vaughan Mills outlet mall: It's a six-minute bus ride from the new terminal station, not including waiting and walking, and it's one of Ontario's largest malls.

Downsview Park Merchants Market - a massive combination flea and farmers' market

For families

Black Creek Pioneer Village. This favourite family attraction also has a brewery!

Legoland: An indoor Lego-themed amusement park with a lego car racetrack, cafe and movies. Note: You must bring a child to visit.

Reptilia: Canada's largest indoor reptile zoo — 15,000 square feet of creepy-crawlies

For the sporty and outdoorsy types

Downsview Park includes all sorts of indoor and outdoor sports facilities, nature trails and the Toronto Wildlife Centre.

The York campus provides access to Toronto's spectacular ravine system.

The sprawling, beautiful Kortright Conservation Area provides way more green space than you can get in Toronto proper. (And visit the McMichael Canadian Art Collection while you're there! It's a Canadian art destination with a huge collection of Tom Thomson, Group of Seven, and Indigenous art).

New subway stations include Highway 407 station.


New subway stations include Highway 407 station.

For foodies

For this section, we relied on the advice of locals. Here's what they recommend:

Grande Cheese is a cheese shop with huge variety and authentic Italian groceries  

Hank Daddy’s BBQ

Hockey Sushi

Laterna Restaurant

Centre Street Deli

Desserts Plus Ristorante & Woodburning Pizza

There's a fabled strip of authentic regional Chinese restaurants — cheap, delicious, and launded by the New York Times — located along Highway 7 near the 404. You can get there by GO Train on weekday evenings, but otherwise, it's some combination of bus and subway. Now you will have the option to take Line 1 to the end of the line and grab a 15-20 minute cab. Only trial-and-error will be able to reveal whether this is a faster route to noodles.

For fun

Toronto Roller Derby

Colossus Vaughan Cinemas: It's a 19-screen movie theatre, but it looks like a spaceship.

Seoul Zimzibang is the Toronto area’s only Korean-style sauna/spa. In Korean culture, a spa isn't just a place to get beautified. Both men and women go there to enjoy the baths and steam rooms, eat, and just unwind and catch up.

The Art Gallery of York University is an art oasis in the north of the city, holding tons of free public events and exhibitions.

If you dream of running away with the circus, the Toronto School of Circus Arts may interest you!

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