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'Mission accomplished': Tenant's movie poster may have found him a new home

Looking for a $1,300 one-bedroom in the downtown core, 27-year-old Huy Do turned his search into a movie poster and was surprised by the response.

Huy Do's movie poster to market himself as a perfect tenant.

Huy Do

Huy Do's movie poster to market himself as a perfect tenant.

Toronto renters don't see a lot of happy endings these days, but it seems Huy Do's story might get one.

The 27-year-old, who went to great lengths to find himself an affordable one-bedroom in the downtown core by designing a movie poster for his quest, says he's found something.

"I've gotten quite a few responses and hopefully, fingers crossed, I'm going to sign something today," he said Tuesday, adding the landlord reached out to him after seeing his poster online.

"Mission accomplished."

It's a one-bedroom basement in Leslieville, he said, that's in his price range of $1,300. While that may not be a cinematic accomplishment in other cities, it's an epic find in Toronto, where the vacancy rate is a low one per cent.

The average rent for a one-bedroom in Toronto is $1,498, according to November 2017 figures from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp.

Do, who loves movies, is living with roommates and just wanted a space of his own.

He also created a kind of soundtrack to his imaginary film, up on SoundCloud, complete with lyrics like, "I want to be in the heart, right in the city 'cause I got no car."

He wasn't expecting the poster, which he shared on sites like Facebook and Reddit, to "blow up" the way it has, garnering plenty of media attention since last week.

While he's happy that it seems to have paid off, he recognizes not every tenant has the creativity, time or Photoshop skills to mount such a search.

"I don't think what I did could be scalable or even repeatable," he said. "It's just a difficult market."


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