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Videomatica donates extensive rare video and DVD collection to UBC, SFU

Film buffs can breathe a sigh of relief now that one of Vancouver's most extensive collection of rare and esoteric films has found new homes at SFU and UBC.

Videomatica, a Vancouver video-rental store that closed down last year after almost three decades, donated 32,900 DVDs, VHS titles and Blu-rays to the two universities.

The $1.7-million film library includes feature films, literary adaptations, cult and art films, and foreign films.

“After spending three decades building a unique film library … how wonderfully rewarding is it to know the interests of both the public and film students will be served with the collection finding a home at UBC and SFU,” said Videomatica co-founder Graham Peat.

The films will be available at UBC Library. SFU will receive 2,800 documentaries.

The collections will be available early next year.

Videomatica closed as a rental store last year and has since moved its DVD sales operation to Zulu Records in Kitsilano.

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