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Most Canadians support same-sex marriage: Poll

Three-in-five Canadians believe same-sex marriage should remain legal, according to a recent survey.

Out of the 1,007 Canadians that responded to Angus Reid's online poll, 59 per cent agreed that same-sex marriage should continue to be legal, as opposed to 14 per cent that believe same-sex couples should no longer receive legal recognition.

However, not every country is as open-minded. According to 1,008 American respondents, only 42 per cent would like to see same-sex couples legally hitched.

“What I don't understand is why people would be against it in the first place,” said British Columbian Celina Albany, a lesbian hoping to get married to an international woman in the future but wary of the legal barriers.

Albany believes opinions on homosexuality are based on a lack of proper education and too much social conditioning made to despise same-sex couples.

“You want to spend your life with someone, so sign this paper. It's just a title, we're all just people,” Albany said.

In America, 34 per cent believe homosexuality is a choice, rather than something people are born with. Fifty-nine per cent of Canadians believe it isn't a choice.

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