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Discovery Square could be renamed to honour former mayor

Residents and transit riders used to the downtown oasis of greenery called Discovery Square may soon find themselves relaxing in Art Phillips Square.

The parks board will vote Monday on whether to begin a renaming process for Discovery Square, located near the Burrard SkyTrain station.

The motion recommends that the new name commemorate the contributions of Vancouver's 32nd mayor, Art Phillips.

Aaron Jasper, parks board member and author of the motion, said he was approached by some friends of the 81-year-old former mayor about celebrating “how important Phillips has been to creating the livable city we take for granted.”

“Phillips was instrumental in having that site turned into a park,” said Jasper. In 1974, the then-mayor raised much of the money that went into creating Discovery Square.

The naming process the parks board has used since 2007 is currently under review, and several park staff are calling for a more streamlined process.

One proposed new naming system would move much of the process of local consultation online, which has some locals up in arms over what they see as the chance for corruption.

“The last thing we want is a return to the old days where city park commissioners were sitting around deciding which parks to name after themselves,” Jasper said.

Last week, Jasper also suggested that Trillium North sports field be renamed Jim Green Park, in memory of the recently deceased city councillor.

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