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Missing Women Inquiry Commissioner Wally Oppal appears in ‘shooting rampage’ film

When Missing Women Inquiry commissioner Wally Oppal isn’t investigating the actions of a serial killer, he’s appearing in violent Hollywood movies.

Former Attorney General was spotted on the set of an Uwe Boll-directed feature film called The Bailout.

Shot in Vancouver last week, Oppal made an appearance as a stockbroker who gets shot by the title’s main character – a New Yorker “who loses everything because of the 2008 Wall Street financial crisis, and who strikes back by targeting investment bankers for assassination,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Shawn Williamson, co-chair and producer at Burnaby-based Brightlight Pictures, said he personally invited Oppal and Delta Land Development Ltd.’s Bruce Langereis to take part in the scene over dinner.

“They both seemed excited to be there,” Williamson said. “People on set were asking [Oppal] a lot of questions about the inquiry, the commission and the press.”

Lead actor Dominic Purcell was specifically interested in serial killer Robert Pickton, according to Williamson.

Oppal wore a device to mimic blood splatter from gunshots during his eight hours on set.

B.C. Civil Liberties Association president Robert Holmes questioned the commissioner’s involvement in the film at a time when the inquiry is trying to speed up proceedings to meet a government-enforced June 30 deadline.

“I had thought the work Mr. Oppal was doing was to be a full-time position,” said Holmes. “It comes as a surprise he would have the time to play as an actor in a film. I hope that the Missing Women Inquiry is getting the full attention by whoever is at the head of it.”

Holmes said the BCCLA are “disappointed” the government will not extend the current deadline, which has already been extended by six months.

Williamson denied the shoot had any impact on the inquiry’s progress.

“It had nothing to do with the commission on any level,” he said. “[Oppal] wasn’t there in a professional capacity.”

German director Boll is notoriously often referred to as “the worst filmmaker in the world”, has been the subject of online petitions begging him to stop making movies and has publicly challenged critics to boxing matches.

The film is currently still shooting on location in New York.

The Missing Women Commission of Inquiry is tasked to look into the failure of police agencies to arrest serial killer Robert Pickton before 2002 and why an earlier attempted murder charge against him had been stayed in 1998.

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