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Province prepares for Night of the Living Dead

British Columbia is susceptible to all kinds of natural and unnatural disasters.

The province is constantly trying to get citizens to prepare for earthquakes, flooding, forest fires and more.

Now you can add zombie apocalypse to the list.

The provincial government has launched Zombie Preparedness Week, using the tongue-in-cheek horror movie shtick as a way to get a younger, pop culture-obsessed crowd thinking about real world emergency preparedness.

The EmergencyInfoBC website offers tips on how to survive a zombie attack.

Posts with titles like “What's For Dinner? Hopefully Not My Brain” teach readers what to put in an emergency kit, plan evacuation routes, how to access emergency broadcast information and make sure they have enough supplies to survive on their own.

Like the undead, Emergency Management B.C. spokesperson Julianne McCaffrey says the campaign has been relentless since launch.

By Tuesday afternoon, 61,000 people had laid eyes on Zombie Preparedness Week material through Twitter alone.

In the unlikely event a zombie apocalypse DOESN’T happen, the tips and information on the website still apply to disasters across the board.

“It’s going viral,” McCaffrey confirmed. “The idea was to take the same message we use for earthquakes, for fires and for flood and give it a different twist. Is it funny? I think so. But emergency preparedness is dead serious.”

Plus readers will have the added benefit of knowing exactly what to do during a real zombie outbreak, right?

“Well, I have my kids ready,” McCaffrey chuckled, seemingly making light of a potential disaster involving flesh-eating dead people.

For more information on how to stay safe among the walking dead, visit

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