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Bucket list blackboard in Vancouver gets big reception

What’s on your bucket list?

A giant blackboard in Vancouver is offering passersby a chance to write down just that.

People can pick up a chalk and complete the phrase “Before I die” for others to see as well as read other people’s life hopes and wishes.

Artist Dana Ramler, 27, who set up the display on May 5 in an alleyway between Keefer and East Georgia streets, said she’s surprised how well people have received the concept of the board.

“There’s not a lot of collaborative art that happens in Vancouver,” she said. “I think people love being invited to participate in the arts and have the opportunity to share with the world what it is they want to do in their life.”

One wanted to “stand on an elephant’s back,” another would like to “cross the equator” while most desired to “find love” or “be loved.”

“I hope that it causes people to look inside themselves and really see what it is that they want and go after it,” Ramler said. “I hope it also gives us a better understanding of the people that we share the same streets with in the same city. I think a lot of us are strangers but having shared our hopes and dreams with one another, I hope that takes away some of that distance between us.”

Ramler said she wanted to have a “shared experience” to connect herself and all her friends who live in foreign countries and decided to fill up blackboards in their own cities.

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